#IngressMissionDay Sign up today!

#IngressMissionDay Sign up today!

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Agents, join us for the upcoming #AegisNova Mission Days! If you have not registered yet you can do it here by using the following links:

Rotterdam: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Rotterdam
Savannah: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Savannah
Chiang Mai: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/ChiangMai
Hyderabad: https://missiondayhyderabad.splashthat.com/
Moscow: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Moscow
Brooklyn: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Brooklyn
Padova: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Padova
Tainan: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Tainan
Note: The first 2000 agents who complete six (6) official Tainan missions will get a limited edition physical medal sponsored by the Tainan Tourism board!