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MEASUREMENT 4 REPORT - #AegisNova Brooklyn, Savannah, Minneapolis/Saint Paul

Earlier today, in Asia, the Enlightened swept all three Anomalies, although the battle in Tainan was particularly fierce. Then, in Europe, the Resistance pushed back. They took Rotterdam and Padova, while the Enlightened held Cape Town.

Much rested on what would unfold at the Anomalies in the USA.

The Enlightened were an overwhelming force in Savannah, they captured that Anomaly 1115 to 165.

In Saint Paul, the Resistance were unstoppable. They held that city 300 to 1063.

Brooklyn, the Primary site, swayed back and forth dramatically. It was a tense struggle for control. 1911 to 1483, Brooklyn was captured by the Enlightened.

The Enlightened currently lead the Aegis Nova series 8 to 4.

Congratulations Agents, well done to all.