#Ingress #AegisNova

#Ingress #AegisNova

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Agents, we are excited to confirm the final Aegis Nova Anomaly city lineup and provide you with the event registration links. In addition to the previously announced cities, we are pleased to share that Tokyo, Japan will host the final Aegis Nova event on Saturday, July 16th, 2016.

For start times, detailed information, registration, merchandise, and to order event tickets - click on the proper city registration link from the list below. To be eligible to receive the Aegis Nova in-app medal, you must order a paid Supporter Kit or free ticket.*

28 MAY 2016
Tainan, Taiwan [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Tainan
Manila, Philippines - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Manila
Chiang Mai, Thailand - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-ChiangMai

Rotterdam, Netherlands [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Rotterdam
Cape Town, South Africa - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-CapeTown
Padova, Italy - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Padova

Brooklyn, NY, USA [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Brooklyn
Savannah, GA, USA - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Savannah
Minneapolis:Saint Paul, MN, USA - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-StPaul

25 JUN 2016
Sydney, Australia [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Sydney
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-KualaLumpur
Hyderabad, India - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Hyderabad

Moscow, Russia [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Moscow
At this time, Supporter Kits are not available to purchase for the Moscow event. We are diligently working with a local supplier to provide these as soon as possible. We will provide an update when the status changes.
Dublin, Ireland - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Dublin
Nice, France - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Nice

San Diego, CA, USA [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-SanDiego
Salt Lake City, UT, USA - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-SLC
Calgary, AB, Canada - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Calgary

16 JUL 2016
Tokyo, Japan [P] - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-Tokyo

Niantic recommends contacting your faction’s event city POC from this list to coordinate further on or off site activities: http://bit.ly/AegisNova-POCs

XM Anomalies are free player events that bring together hundreds of Resistance and Enlightened Agents of all levels for an intense burst of walking, running, and biking gameplay.

Aegis Nova FAQs - http://bit.ly/AegisNova-FAQs

*On-site participants picking up paid supporter kits will only receive one medal card per Agent upon checking-in at the event with a Niantic employee or authorized agent in person.  Agents who register for a free ticket and check in on-site will have their medal pushed to their scanner shortly after the event concludes. Only those off-site support participants who ordered a Supporter Kit or the free ticket in advance of the anomaly AND served in one of the roles designated in the FAQ by coordinating with their POC in advance will be eligible for an in-app medal. Remote support Agents must coordinate with their faction POC in advance to determine the eligibility criteria. Registrations made after an anomaly event concludes will not be valid or accepted. In order for any Agent to be eligible for a medal they must register through the Niantic registration page specific to their event city at https://ingress.com/events.