Originally shared by Oliver Lynton-Wolfe


I am calling on you today to help me with a very important mission. I need to run some tests on the interaction between Shaper Glyphs and Portals. 

It is my hope that the data we gather will shed light on how the Obsidian Shield has caused the XM drought and thus find a cure.

For this mission I have selected 15 Glyphs and 30 Portals around the world.

Go to these Portals, hold a Glyph in front of it and take a picture. By correlating the timestamp of your photo with my monitoring systems, I will be able to finely measure the impact your actions had on this Portal.

You may conduct this mission alone, with a fellow Agent or with groups of fellow Agents of either Faction. I encourage you to make this moment memorable. Make messages with the Glyphs. Decorate them as you see fit. Carry your Faction or Group flag. The XM will respond not just to the Glyphs but to your presence as well. 

For each complete set we assemble (all the selected Glyphs at each Portal), I hope to be able to return a small amount of XM to the Portal Network.

For those of you who are not near one of the Portals I have identified, I encourage you to participate by selecting a Portal that is special for you and nearby. This data will also prove highly useful.

Share your photos using #IngressPortalSurvey , and post them to the Portal Survey event page.

I will continue to monitor the data until the middle of next week. At that point, I will attempt to re-inject some XM into the Portal Network based on what we've accomplished.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe