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Agents, are you ready for #IngressObsidian?  Starting with the 2/27 weekend of events, we are instituting a new medal distribution process that will be consistent across all Primary and Satellite events.

For Onsite Participants:
All onsite participants must check in with Niantic staff or Niantic representatives in person.  You will need your printed ticket to check in.

Onsite participants that are paid registrants can check in either Friday night or Saturday morning when picking up their Obsidian Supporter Kits. Onsite participants that are free registrants can check in at Saturday morning events only. 

A link to all events can be found at http://www.ingress.com/events. Please check the event details for the city you plan on attending.

Free Participant Onsite Check In:  We will not be distributing paper codes to Free Participants.  Niantic will push your Obsidian Medal to your scanner in app as long as you were checked in onsite by Niantic staff or Niantic representative.

Reminder:  All confirmed participants -- paid and free -- are only eligible to receive one (1) Obsidian medal. Please bring a photo ID with you to pick up your paid supporter kit.  Agents attempting to exploit the system through multiple check in attempts may VOID their eligibility to receive the Obsidian Medal. 

For Offsite Participants:
As detailed in our Obsidian FAQ, Offsite participants must work with Faction POCs to be included in the “Offsite Participant List” that the Faction POCs will be assembling and submitting to Niantic.  Players must also select ‘Offsite Participant’ during the Niantic event registration process for their given city.  A full list of city events & registration pages can be found here:  http://www.ingress.com/events.

The FAQ can be found here: https://goo.gl/hyOCEU