via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

A brief introduction to Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, whose fate will be determined this weekend in New Taipei City, from +H. Richard Loeb.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

This weekend, the fate of 3 individuals is going to be decided.

First up, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

There have been some new revelations that emerged in Ingress: Origins about where OLW was before the Niantic Project began, but to keep things simple, let's just start with Niantic.

One thing is certain. Lynton-Wolfe is a savant (and perfectly comfortable letting everyone know he is). It seems to me as though his entire life was perfectly optimized for him to become the world's leading Exotic Matter engineer. What he discovered, almost instantly, is that constructs can emerge spontaneously from XM if the right circumstances are created. Kind of like DNA, I guess. The patterns for the XMP, the Resonator, the Portal Shield and more were always in the XM, they just had to be unlocked. And Lynton-Wolfe was a man with an innate skeleton key.

At Niantic, he was able to accelerate the research to breakneck pace, greatly increasing the XM output of Portals both inside and outside the facility. He is credited for having first 'created,' at minimum, the XMP, the Resonator, the Portal Shield and the Power Cube, although it's likely that every single XM construct you or I have ever encountered has his fingerprints in its foundations. 

After Niantic, I think Lynton-Wolfe kind of got lost. He comes across to me as an optimist, someone who believes in the power of knowledge and science, and his hunger to continue his work made him easy to exploit. He worked, at some point or another, with each of the XM corporations before the bridge burned and he was forced to move on.

Speaking of burned bridges, the big one is Jarvis. Lynton-Wolfe always leaned Enlightened but he and Jarvis had a massive falling out, and it resulted in OLW attacking him with a primitive Dark XM weapon. What followed is the series of events now know as 13MAGNUS: The return of Jarvis, and Lynton-Wolfe's ultimate defeat and... in some ways... spiritual surrender.

So, who is Lynton-Wolfe. He's brilliant but brash. A pioneer and an optimist, but also petty and prone to being a victim of his own ego. But then again, did I mention brilliant? When you can bend the primal matter of this universe to your will, you probably get forgiven some odd personality quirks.

Alright. Your turn. What'd I miss?