via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

P. A. Chapeau (aka +H. Richard Loeb) offers his take on the fall and rise of Anti-Magnus and the N'zeer over the last 2000+ years.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

I’ve been combing through Ingress: Origins and The Niantic Project Files: Volume 3  ( and have constructed a roughly sketched picture of events leading to our current state.

Alexander the Great’s conquest was the final destruction of the N’zeer in antiquity and he was quite successful. Whether he was fully aware of what he was doing or simply being manipulated by his tutor, Aristotle, is not fully clear. I think he knew exactly what his mission was...

Had it not been for Thaïs making off with some Prime XM Artifacts, the N’zeer would have been forever locked out of our dimension. This was certainly her intention. Anti-Magnus was forced into a corner by Alexander's conquests, and they feigned defeat in order to begin a phase of rebuilding. Seems like a strategy that has worked out in the long run.

The N’zeer have spent the last 2000+ years attempting to re-emerge by creating a series of Anti-Magnus groups, each carrying out one objective after another (I look forward to more suggestions on who these groups might have been*). Likewise 13MAGNUS groups have tried to keep the status quo in their favor through those eras.

The most recent, and most successful Anti-Magnus group was headed either by Jahan (whose family battled with Azmati’s family for the collection of Prime Artifacts -- the Shōnin Stone, Alexander’s Dagger, etc.) or by Calvin. How Calvin came into this position isn't clear. Did he uncover some ancient manual or object that gave him the necessary knowledge, or did he simply have an 'epiphany?'

As for Jahan, she was raised into it. It's pretty clear that she was destined to be an Anti-Magnus leader from birth. (Is it possible Calvin and Jahan represent two groups working at cross purposes?) 

After sending Hank Johnson on the mission to the Afghan Anomaly, Calvin was able to raise government funding for the Niantic Project (through a witting or unwitting Ni, I suspect unwitting, but I might be wrong). The goal of the Niantic Project was to build a 'Magnus' right atop the CERN Portal and supercharged by the Hadron Collider. Quite brilliant if you think about it.

Are you following me so far?  What am I missing? Where am I wrong?

* Here's an interesting exercise. Go back in time and try and view influential figures (politicians, artists, warriors, scientists, philosophers) through the lens of Enlightened vs. Resistance, Anti-Magnus vs. 13MAGNUS, Shaper vs. N'zeer. These are the breadcrumbs that could help uncover other groups through history.