#Abaddon 01

#Abaddon 01

Originally shared by Niantic Project

The #Abaddon  Anomalies have begun. See them unfold by following Ingress on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Instagram.

These are the three individuals who are at stake today.

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe in New Taipei City, Dr. Victor Kureze in Hamburg and Dr. Martin Schubert in New Orleans.

P. A. Chapeau has already done a thorough job of examining who these individuals are (look to previous posts), but suffice to say: each of them is a powerful and talented researcher, and would be an invaluable asset to either of the Factions.

These researchers each have a value of 3 in the #Abaddon  series.

Good luck, the day may have begun, but it is far from over.