via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+enoch dalby's Shards will emerge in Zurich on October 24th during the #Abaddon Flash Shard Anomaly.

But just who is enoch dalby?

+H. Richard Loeb has the details.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

This Saturday, the Shards of enoch dalby are going to emerge in Zurich, and the Factions are going to battle it out to try and gain control of them. 

So, who exactly is enoch?

Here's the top line from my point of view (feel free to add other details you think are important in the comments).

He was recruited to the Niantic Project in parallel with Carrie Campbell. They had a close personal relationship before Niantic, and that relationship continued through the research project and until her untimely death during Operation Cassandra.

This relationship ran deep. It was more than just physical or emotional. These two were connected at a whole different level. Enoch was a tremendous sensitive. While at Niantic, they were exploring the idea that his music was subconsciously channeling hidden messages contained within XM, and Carrie may have been the proof. She experienced a synesthetic reaction to enoch's music, and would express what she was sensing as images, drawings, shapes. 

Through this synergistic relationship, enoch's music inspiring Carrie's drawings, we eventually uncovered the Shaper Glyphs. Carrie usually gets all the credit for having discovered the first Shaper Glyphs, but the truth is, it was enoch. He just didn't know how to put them down on the page.

enoch continued to produce music after Niantic, releasing it on his Soundcloud account at He was a big believer in collaboration. In additional to the final tracks, enoch also released all the various component layers so that other people could remix and build upon them.

After Carrie died, enoch released a piece of music called 'elegy' in her honor, and according to a Hank Johnson post recently, it's possible that he may have been able to channel her energy, pattern, whatever you want to call it, through his music.

Given how deep their bond went, I wouldn't be surprised.

Let me know if you think I'm missing anything.