via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+H. Richard Loeb goes for a walk on the beach to escape the heat and a blackout and witnesses an interesting phenomenon.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

I read Hank Johnson's post from yesterday just as I was about to start formulating how to share something interesting that happened to me. 

Hard to follow that guy, he's an eloquent sort, and my story's not nearly as cool. But here it is.

Heat wave. Pretty bad one. Been going on a few months, but this weekend it really came to a head. Twenty thousand and one folks decided to turn their airconditioners on. And the grids went down. I lost power around 5pm or so yesterday and didn't get it back until earlier this morning.

A forced time-out off the grid. Healthy every once and a while.

Anyway. I got out of the house to get into the breeze. Went for a pretty long walk. I managed to catch the sunset by the ocean. And then I saw a flash over the horizon. It seemed to have form and shape. It was twisting in the sky. And then it was gone.

That's it.

Was it the universe sending me a message about Misty? Misty herself, somehow? I know she uses the stage magician and mentalist persona to hide other, very real talents...

Anyway. That's my story. Like I said, not as cool as Hank's, but standing there at sunset and seeing that momentary shimmer above the horizon.... it took my breath away.