via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

Did +enoch dalby write the algorithm generating his music himself, or did he have help?


Originally shared by Klue S.


Thank you for sharing the story of how you tried to track down enoch dalby and ended up finding his hologram.

I'm disturbed by one aspect of your recollection, the idea that an algorithm was playing the music.

My understanding is that enoch was an artist, not a technician...

You knew him better than most, I suspect. Maybe PAC knew him a bit as well. So, tell me... Do you think this algorithm could have been something he created himself? Or do you think he had help...

I have no insider knowledge about ADA helping enoch build any such algorithm, but if she was able to distill someone's creative spark into a systematic function, I think it would be good to know...

(P.S. Thanks Tycho C. for the enoch image!)