via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Hank Johnson responds to +Klue S., and asks the most important question...

How do we get the researchers back?


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Well, Klue S..

You're right and you're wrong. Yeah I was looking into 13MAGNUS a long time ago. Calvin backed a research project in my younger days.

But that doesn't mean I have some kind of hidden agenda. I'm a seeker, just like you. I pursued 13MAGNUS, and it cost me my life. 

I pursued Anti-Magnus, and it cost me one of my most trusted friends.

I've paid the price for my curiosity, and all I've found is that sometimes well-meaning people do bad things. 

As for #Abaddon. You're pretty on the nose. My instinct are saying the same things yours are:

What did Calvin know about simulacra and the secrets of 13MAGNUS before the Niantic Project began? Why did the researchers disappear?

And... I guess the most important question... how do we get them back?