via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Klue S. weighs in on yesterday's intel. Her instinct is that this may the beginning of something that could unfold over the course of the #MissionDay at Gen Con.


Originally shared by Klue S.

My assessment of the intel Verity Seke uncovered yesterday is that it is probably related to Felicia Hajra-Lee.

Her story about what happened to me and PA was eerily accurate at times. At other times, there was a bit more... fictional license, but I suppose that's the author's right.

If these moments from Felicia are emerging from the Portals, I would keep a close eye on the #MissionDay  at Gen Con.

When PA and I were in San Diego, two missions appeared suddenly just before the cross faction meet-up began.

I'd be on the lookout for something similar in Indianapolis.