via Ingress​

via Ingress​

+Klue S.​ in San Diego? RSVP for #MissionDay #SDCC, complete 13 missions, then check in at Children's Park on Sun, July 12 to earn your Mission Day Medal:

Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

I'm tracking some intel that Klue S. might be headed to San Diego this week. I expect she's going there for #ComicCon2015 , perhaps in the hope that new revelations about #IngressOrigins  might emerge there. It's a possibility I've considered myself. After all, this all began when Tycho C. disrupted a panel there almost 3 years ago and revealed his first 5 'Visions.'

If I can confirm the rumor, you can expect I'll be headed there too. I need to talk to her. I've heard Agents might be gathering for a #MissionDay  on Sunday (, and if she's going to show up, I strongly suspect that's where it'll be.

Keep your eyes and ears open, and let me know if you see or hear anything.