via Anne Beuttenmüller

via Anne Beuttenmüller 

Three agents are doing a Trans-Mongolian Summer Trip and they are going to host XF meetups on their way. Follow and join them!

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Announcing Ingress Trans-Mongolian Summer trip!
This summer, with agents xk didia and Johan Son, I will be travelling across Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railways (but the correct term is "Trans-Mongolian" as we will travel [westbound] through China, Mongolia and Russia).

We will be hosting cross-faction meetups if possible in the cities that are on the map below and we will be starting soon to contact the local communities in order to set times and places.

We hope we will meet many of you and we will bring some swags (courtesy of Niantic Labs) :)

You will be able to follow our trip with this G+ collection or on Twitter @agentNCC1701R