The wait is over: PaintZ 2.0 releases today!

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The wait is over: PaintZ 2.0 releases today!  This new version of PaintZ was not just about tacking on new features—it includes a comprehensive redesign of how the app works under the hood to improve the app while keeping the experience you are accustomed to.  The most visible changes are some highly-requested tools: the eraser and selection tools.  Behind the scenes, PaintZ 2.0 includes a variety of other improvements, such as:

• Pointer events for better support for mice, touch screens, and styli
• Better drawing support in Internet Explorer and Edge
• Improved support for running standalone on Android
• The latest version of MaterialZ for better Material Design
• Completely refactored APIs for drawing tools
• All-around bug fixes and tweaks

Try it out today at!