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Susanna Moyer reports on a recently revealed video from the Anti-Magnus leader Jahan, who has resurfaced after a period of silence. Her message targets the prominent Enlightened member, the Acolyte, accusing her of selling false promises to the world.

Agents have been gathering by the hundreds for #MissionDay events. Susanna covers recent #MissionDay activities in Stuttgart and Olso, and also takes a look at the upcoming #MissionDay in Indianapolis at Gen Con. Given the important of Gen Con to the world of Ingress and the discovery of intel at the recent Comic Con #MissionDay , Agents should be on the lookout for anything that might further the Niantic Investigation. Agent Portalyst (Linda Besh) will be appearing on Behind The Scanner to share important news about the event tonight at 9PM EDT. Visit youtube.com/BehindTheScanner for more details.

On August 1st, over 120 Agent Organized First Saturdays will be taking place around the world. More details on Google+.

Sitreps: From Munich, Operation: White Unicorn. From Japan, Operation: Marine Day Fishing. From Taiwan, Operation: Jade and from Hong Kong, Operation: Summer Swim.

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