When I heard the rumor that Nigel Moyer was on his deathbed, I contacted Susanna Moyer.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

When I heard the rumor that Nigel Moyer was on his deathbed, I contacted Susanna Moyer.  She informed me that he’d been on his deathbed many times before. It was like ringing the bell for the help. I told her I’d check up on him. She laughed. I wasn’t sure why, but I figured I’d find out. Buenos Aires is a long way from where she is. Not too far from me, and I still had access to the jet.  

I suspected a trap, but didn’t get one. It doesn’t seem like anybody wants me dead right now. Unlikely to last, but I’ll enjoy it while it does.

Nigel was living in a century-old mansion with a full staff. I wondered where he got the money for this until A Detection Algorithm's voice greeted me at the gate. When I was led to his office, he neither looked surprised to see me nor very near death. As he bossed a housekeeper around, correcting the imperfections in her tea service, she locked eyes with me and raised her eyebrows, exasperated. Susanna had been right after all. 

He wanted to talk about Jahan. In fact he wanted me to arrange an introduction. I pondered the request. No part of me believed that they had not been in contact.

I think he sensed me wondering whether he was a member of an Anti-Magnus group. He told me that when I got to Persepolis, I might have an opportunity to re-evaluate my ideas about the future of this species and its relationship to technology. I told him I would keep an open mind. He smiled. "Good," he said. "An open mind is the most powerful tool in the universe."

He rambled on for a while about Die Glocke… Echelon.. Dreizehn Große… (the German 13MAGNUS program)...  Before dozing off, he handed me an envelope and asked me to get it to Susanna. He made me promise not to look at it with some specific instructions on the manner of delivery.  I told him that I wasn’t sure I would be able to accomplish this.  He said, “You have done greater things, Viator...”  He then nodded off.  A nurse entered. It was time for me to leave.