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Temp fluctuation in Portal Network expected soon: 1.5X AP, 2X Ultra Strikes leading into #IngressFS this Sat.

#Persepolis Anomalies begin in Bratislava and Washington, DC on May 30. In DC, sign up for the GORUCK Light Challenge to help secure sets of key Volatiles: http://goo.gl/0Vb6zh. For the full list of upcoming events, see https://www.ingress.com/events

Like the Devra Shards, a pattern containing the identity of Niantic Project researcher Stein Lightman appears to be manifesting as XM Shards within the Portal Network.

Susanna Moyer joins Behind The Scanner to celebrate their first anniversary and answer questions about her Niantic investigation.

AXA Insurance celebrate their partnership with Ingress with a new Romeo and Juliet video. Protect your Portal gems with #AXA Shields.

A new Current Hacking Streak stat on the Agent Profile NOW tab will help Agents working towards their Sojourner Medal track their current progress.

In Linz, Austria, over 250 Agents took part in the first ever Mission Day, a series of missions designed with tour group, Oberösterreich. 

SITREPs from Stockholm, Operation 101. From Norway, Operation Varangersøm. From Groningen, a massive layered Field Operation. From Millford, MA, Operation No Trespassing. From Brazil, Operation Grahla Azul and from Indonesia, Operation Berlian.

Finally, our thoughts are with Nepal and everyone affected by this tragic event. We encourage Agents who wish to help to donate via Direct Relief at http://www.directrelief.org

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