via Kira Kroger

Originally shared by Daniel Beaudoin (SK8ZION)

A little insight into the symbolism of the Ingress and Faction emblems.

The central triangle represents humanity.
The outer hexagon represents the Shaper influence.
In the original Ingress emblem (center) the lines that extend from the hexagon toward the triangle represent the Shapers' attempts to reach out and connect to humanity.
In the #Resistance  emblem (left) the lines are withdrawn, away from the Shaper hexagon, refusing to connect with them.
In the #Enlightened  emblem (right) the lines of the Shapers and humanity connect with one another.  Furthermore, the triangle of humanity points upward, symbolizing a higher existence.

100% of this information is speculative, and I am merely trying to repeat this from memory.  This insight was actually posted in a comment by another agent, however it has been long enough ago, that I don't remember who it was.  If you recall who originally came up with these ideas, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.