Here's the replay of the hangout if you missed it: InteractBuilder 3.0 Demo

Here's the replay of the hangout if you missed it: InteractBuilder 3.0 Demo

One of the interesting things Ezra mentioned was the new version is going to allow you to create interactive manuals and games. Which means teachers can convert their lesson plans into interactive modules and distribute them on tablets. 

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Just wrapped up a hangout with Mark Mitchell and Ezra Weinstein where Ezra showed us a demo of the upcoming Interact Builder 3.0. Very excited about the possibilities and can't wait to get my hands on it :-)

If you are a writer, or an illustrator, or interested in creating educational apps, you need to check this out now. Watch the recording InteractBuilder 3.0 Demo and the link below for more details. 

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  1. I should try to redo my Phonics Level 1 textbook in interactive format. This seems to be easy to use.


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