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via CMS Experiment 

"Do you want to #HangoutWithCERN ? If so, send your questions in using the comments below the event invitation itself, or tweet them to @CERN using #askCERN .

This Thursday, we address the unanswered questions about the #Higgs !"

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Join the fourth Hangout with CERN on Thursday 22 November at 17:00 CET, broadcast live on CERN's Google+ and YouTube pages.

In our last hangout we got an update on the latest news of the Higgs boson from Steven Goldfarb joined by, among others, Freya Blekman from #CMS in Belgium and Jonathan Butterworth from #ATLAS at the particle physics conference "HCP2012" in Japan. In this hangout we tackle the questions you've asked on the Higgs, and get to grips with what we know so far, what is still a mystery and why.

You can post your Higgs-related questions in advance, either in the comments below or on Twitter to @CERN with the hashtag #askCERN . We'll pick the best ones to answer and we may even invite you to participate in the live hangout!

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