Sending you good wishes, Baby Mia. Get well soon!

Sending you good wishes, Baby Mia. Get well soon! 

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I Need Your Help In 30 Minutes
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I recently found out that my darling 10 month old cousin Mia is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) because of a condition she started having when she was just 3 months old. I don't want to give too many details so as to respect the privacy of my family, but I do want to share one thing.

Today when I asked my grandmother (mi abuelita) what I can do to support Mia's parents she said - "We have a prayer chain. It goes from the Bay Area, to Arizona, to Mexico, and is growing." I was elated to hear that something of this magical magnitude even exisited! She then mentioned "We all pray every night at 7pm exactly." Talk about sending good vibes!

So my request, if I can be so humble as to make one, is for you, wherever you are in the world, is to join my family in prayer by sending your finest good wishes and prayers to my baby cousin Mia at 7pm PDT tonight. We don't know how long she'll need to be in the hospital, but I know that with the power of goodwill from our community that she and my family will be fortified to keep strong during this time.

Thanks So Much G+!

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