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As we continue to forge ahead with our 2019 priorities in Ingress Prime, we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look into the completion of one of our large parity features: Tap Disambiguation.

The overall goal for Tap Disambiguation is to help players to select individual tappable options, such as Portals, Keys, or items, when they are very close together on the Scanner Map. Agents will recognize the solution to this in the original Ingress Scanner was a modal pop-up that appears on-screen to help an Agent specify their intention.

The main challenge with bringing this to Ingress Prime centered around the view that Ingress Prime provides of the world. In comparison to the original Ingress Scanner, Ingress Prime provides a wider Map perspective and horizon view. This causes a greater variation in size for tappable objects and made the task of converting an Agent’s intended tap into a selection screen more complex. A finger can cover a lot of things if the items are distant and a Portal can fill a large part of the Scanner if it is near.

Now in Ingress Prime, if you tap near a cluster of tappable options, a pop-up will appear displaying up to six buttons in a radial view around the point that was selected, along with an ‘exit’ button. Each radial button represents a potential choice that you may have intended. If you choose one of these radial buttons it will take you to the appropriate action screen for that option, or you choose can exit to go back to the regular Scanner Map view.

We hope this parity feature helps you better navigate the world of the Ingress Scanner, and look forward to continuing to improve upon your Agent experience.
- The Ingress Team


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