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In the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner.

Performance: Improved the speed of checking for linkable Portals.
Bug: Fixed an issue with canceling Ingress Primer tutorial.
Bug: Fixed multiple issues related to recharging a Resonator when one is destroyed
Bug: Fixed an issue with Key count being inaccurate
Bug: Fixed an issue with the Android back button in Inventory carousel.
Bug: Fixed an issue where managing a Key Locker would show a blank screen.
Bug: Fixed an issue where picking up an item caused the Scanner to not respond.
Bug: Fixed an issue that could prevent new accounts from being created.
Bug: Fixed an issue where during Ingress tutorial, deployed Resonators wouldn’t show an Agent’s name
Bug: Fixed an issue with recycling multiple capsules.
Bug: Fixed issues with French translations.
Bug: Fixed an issue where dropped items were visually obstructed by the ground.
Bug: Fixed an issue where a linkable Portal would be shown but couldn’t be linked.
Bug: Fixed an issue where a Portal Key would reappear in inventory after being used.
Bug: Text that is too long for the Link screen is now abbreviated with an ellipse (...).
Bug: Fixed an issue where the Scanner view would be incorrect when trying to Link a faraway Portal.
UX: When clicking on a Portal the visual transition is more smooth and stable.
UI: Added Portal Level next to name and address.
UI: Changed the way Portal Ornaments are displayed per feedback from Agents who participated in the Recursion Prime Anomaly.
UX: Linking is now possible while Link creation is in process and Android “back” button will skip the Scanner display of Link creation.
UI: Changed Store layout to show three CMU bundles per row to save screen space.

Portal Nominations
Regional Scoring
Continued Bug Fixes

To see a list of known issues go here: