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You will soon receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner. Most Agents should be able to upgrade their scanner by Monday, December 3, 2018.

Note: it is still under active development and we rely upon your help to make it better, together. Proceed with caution and care...remember: Ingress is not a game and the world around you is not what it seems.

Items: Reduced Transmuter hackability.
Items: Increased maximum damage for low level XMPs.
Items: Quantum Capsules will no longer duplicate Very Rare items.
Items: Increased the probability that an Aegis Shield will be destroyed when struck by a critical hit.
Bug: Fixed Recursion timestamp issues.
Bug: Fixed issues related to quitting on-boarding early and faction selection.
Bug: Fixed an issue with non-Gmail accounts logging in and other email related problems.
Bug: Resolved several issues related to firing XMPs.
Bug: Fixed issues related to Fields and Links not being displayed.
Bug: Resolved miscellaneous issues causing user interface to become non-responsive or cause errors.
Bug: Fixed various COMM issues such as not opening to any tab from main menu.
Bug: Fixed the notification not displaying on start.
Bug: Fixed issues related to selecting a single Resonator for recharging.
Bug: Fixed an issue with deploying Resonators.
Bug: Fixed an issue with Resonator slots being unselectable.
Bug: Resolved an issue preventing Resonators from being clickable at range with or without a key.
Bug: Resolved an issue preventing long links from being created. Now functions the same way as Scanner [REDACTED].
Bug: Fixed hack failed message during on-boarding.
Bug: Fixed an issue where resonators don't disappear fast enough when they've been destroyed by somebody other than the Agent.
Bug: Fixed Resonators deploying twice during on-boarding.
Bug: Fixed Agent names not being clickable in Deploy/Recharge screens.
Bug: Fixed an issue with Glyph hacking not starting right away.
Performance: Implemented performance improvements across a variety of user actions.
Performance: Removed unneeded camera transitions when opening the Power Cube menu from the Deploy menu.
Performance: Made the carousel less sensitive when determining whether to advance to the next element at the end of a swipe.
Performance: Removed unnecessary assets from app.
Text: Edited the description for Quantum Capsule and Key Capsules.
Text: Made edits to various error messages and text strings.
Audio: Updated Link sound effects.
User Interface: Made portal key background a darker color rather than white when it loads and various graphical interface changes for usability issues.
User Interface: Moved avatar down and raised save and cancel buttons up
User Experience: Added vibration options to Settings menu

Portal Submissions
Continued Bug Fixes
Continued Feature Parity

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