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This morning, we announced a new change to how locations are added to the Niantic Real World Platform. You can take a look at it here, and get a sense of what’s to come. We appreciate and want to acknowledge the contributions Ingress players have made to the Niantic Real World Platform with their Portal nominations and participation in the Operation Portal Recon (OPR) program.

Over the years, Agents have contributed greatly to the growth of Ingress Portals, and their input has also given our team a lot of information about how to make this process function at scale. We learned very quickly that although algorithms can take care of some things, understanding whether a location properly meets the criteria for a good nomination requires human eyes. Thank you to the Operation Portal Recon contributors everywhere for your hard work!

Regarding today’s announcement, it’s the Ingress community currently involved in OPR that will be helping with the approval process within this beta program. We recognize and appreciate that only with the time and dedication of our Ingress community, and their participation in OPR, we are able to make the Niantic Real World Platform a rich foundation, so thank you again for all your help to date, and thanks in advance for your ongoing contributions.


  1. Umm. Any word on how the backlog is going to get cleared faster? Some submissions are fast approaching their 1st anniversary.


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