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The final #CassandraPrime Anomalies have begun to unfold…

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, on the ground in Singapore, continued to urge Agents to explore the power and potential of XM with reckless abandon… a strategy that Carrie Campbell has warned could have dangerous, potentially world-threatening consequences...

In Singapore, the Resistance are off to a powerful start, they dominated through Phase 1 -- controlling Portals for Carrie Campbells’ XM research experiments -- and lead the site 75.63 to 24.37.

Incheon, however, has leaned heavily towards the Enlightened. That Faction has maintained firm control of the Anomaly Zone in Phase 1, and they lead the site 63.84 to 36.16.

The Cassandra Prime series stands 6:3 after the first day’s Anomalies, with the Enlightened in the lead. The Resistance have a difficult task ahead of them today… do they have what it takes to close the gap?

Phase 2 -- leveraging XM Shards to transport XM signal data to specialized Research Node Portals will begin shortly...