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Phase 2 of the Asian Region #CassandraPrime Anomalies has come to an end. Over the course of an hour, Agents used XM Shards to transport critical data about a dangerous signal in the XM to specialized Research Node Portals for further analysis.

In Singapore, the Resistance continued to maintain a vice like grip on the Anomaly Zone, researching 31 Shards to the Enlightened’s 12. At the end of Phase 2, this Anomaly site is led by the Resistance, 147.72 to 52.28.

In Incheon -- having already established a dominant presence in Phase 1, the Enlightened pushed steadily forward. They researched 16 Shards to the Resistance’s 1, and at the end of Phase 2, lead this site 157.96 to 42.04.

Phase 3, which involves the wide distribution of a prototype countersignal into the Anomaly Zone using Link Starbursts connected to specific Portals for each Faction, will begin shortly....

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