Well done, Agents!

Well done, Agents!


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A short while ago, Carrie Campbell spoke in San Diego, thanking the Agents who participated in today's Anomalies for their contributions to her important research.

Carrie remains convinced that a dangerous signal is hidden in the XM, and intends to research this further in August using Anomalies around the world.

Carrie also shared her research findings from the most recent Anomaly:

With 32 to 18, the highest performing Faction in the San Diego Prime Ops was the Resistance.

With 266.79 to 83.21, the Satellite site of Boston (with a Series value of 1) was claimed by the Enlightened.

And with 313.66 to 86.34, the Primary site of San Diego (with a Series value of 2) was claimed by the Enlightened.

At the end of Day 1, this Anomaly Series stands 6 to 3, with the Enlightened leading.


#1 Team 3: c0gnull, downtownvegas, GARwraTH, MalignantMerkin, dorkus+
#2 Team 2: Kromoggo, Thebenjamin224, Giantsquirrel, Techknow, Earthtraveler5, ItLED
#3 Team 1: HoverSoul, HappyNacho, BGDajiu, Chics, NinjaBurger, Netwalker

#1 Team 3: ShayAng, Zombiejughead , Derp , MelyGG , Rysyn
#2 Team 2: BigMatty, DESSYX, Leop0ldSt0tch, CanadianBurger, theChandi
#3 Team 1: Alexander1204, Anoxic, Kiznaive, Liuchen1701 , XJL310, yogenpro

(+Agent ineligible for Opertation: Ko Lan due to conflict)
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