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The European Anomalies are off to a running start.

The hot-headed but brilliant Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe has been sighted gladhanding with Agents in Warsaw. Following Epiphany Night, his research is in danger of being shut down. He’s keen to convince Faction leaders to cast XM fields over places of influence in the hope that it could help gain him patrons. He’s offered an alliance to the Faction that serves him best.

Carrie Campbell, deeply concerned about a dangerous signal hidden in the XM, views his plans as foolish and unwise. Today’s XM Anomalies will provide her with valuable research data, and she’ll offer her journal -- a powerful and visionary document -- to the Faction that wins the #CassandraPrime series.

At the end of Phase 1, the Resistance are leading across the board, but both sites remain highly competitive. They lead Warsaw 51.14 to 48.86 and Marseille 61.69 to 38.31.

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