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We have an update on Phase 1. In San Diego, Carrie Campbell reached out to Agents of all levels and Factions to assist in her critical research, the study of a potentially dangerous signal in the XM. She has offered her journal -- filled with vital knowledge -- to the winning Faction of the Cassandra Anomaly Series.

During Phase 1 -- the mass collection of signal data by controlling Portals in the Anomaly Zone -- the Enlightened reigned supreme in both San Diego and Boston.

They currently lead both sites, San Diego 78.74 to 21.26, and Boston 77.44 to 22.56.

Following the Asian and European region Anomalies, the Cassandra Series stands tied 3 to 3. The Anomalies in the American region will determine which Faction holds the lead at the end of Day 1.

Phase 2 -- the transport of the data gathered in Phase 1 to specialized Research Node Portals using XM Shards -- is currently underway.

You can see live scoring at investigate.ingress.com
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