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Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe just shared the results for the European region Anomalies in Warsaw. Here is what he revealed:

The Warsaw Prime Ops were claimed by the Enlightened with 28.07 to 21.93.

With 234.69 to 115.31, Marseille -- a Satellite site with a value of 1 -- was captured by the Resistance.

With 215.75 to 184.26, Warsaw -- a Primary site with a value of 2 -- belonged to the Resistance.

Going into the American region Anomalies, the Series is tied 3 to 3.

In Warsaw, Lynton-Wolfe offered the benefit of his friendship to the Faction that would be more likely to serve him better. He seeks to use XM Fields over places of influence to gain patrons for his research.

Carrie Campbell, in San Diego, has a different offer: the Faction that better assists her in researching potential threats in the XM Ordered Data Pattern will gain access to her highly valuable journal.

With two of three regions complete for today, both Factions are extremely competitively positioned.


#1 Team 5 : czechvar, avalken, LSDreadLocker, TropperCZ, MikeCZ, fuxtort
#2 Team 17, Sp1nz, pr0m, Grabeskaelte, Bedlam, andeererin, McWibble
#3 Team 1, salov, DrWom, Trixity, aufero, Bioinformatiker, Angrox

#1 Team 7, onecino, kblackie90, swdta, whitecrash, FuZeBx, DongXiaoMiau
#2 Team 3, Teusz, GiMmYPD, Vasconf77, Iceever, Alfux, Shot984
#3 Team 4, Slackoold, 1Hell, malc01mm, EvilBear6969, shafranskaia, BlackJesusLV

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