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The final results for the Asian region Anomalies were just announced in Sapporo by Hank Johnson… Here’s what was revealed there:

The Sapporo Prime Ops were extremely competitive: With 25.47 to 24.53, the Enlightened claimed victory.

The Anomaly Results were as follows:

With 266.46 to 83.54, Malé -- a Satellite site with a value of 1 -- was claimed by the Enlightened.

With 276.07 to 123.93, Sapporo -- a Primary site with a value of 2 -- was claimed by the Enlightened.

At the beginning of #CassandraPrime, the Enlightened lead the Series 3 to 0.

Carrie Campbell has offered her journal -- a source of vital knowledge for the future -- to the Faction that better assists her pressing research project: Searching the XM Ordered Data Pattern for a potential threat to humanity.

The Enlightened are one step closer to claiming that journal, but much remains ahead...


#1 Team 10: HybridOrbital, SUHANMU, Icanloveu, x220volt, HelloHong2, ParsleyDeStrong
#2 Team 12: timpanii, PayHome, Waterball, EtOH58Anfauglir, Kerysoncobb, Yaturugi
#3 Team 3: OkinawaHiroT, katops, Tokiyomi, KxnxuxeTxuxsxi, 0Yuzu0, TAT21

#1 Team 4: hiroshika, kayatoshi, ikifuse, suiken1109, savannaRX8, Riley451
#2 Team 3: RyugoA, chiroloon, JiroAmada, takenokopanda, onoyoko, AliceClone
#3 Team 11: Timezi, Crewya, SteinsGate1998, zhouzou, (Anonymous)


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