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Some of you have asked for clarification about off-site participants for the upcoming XM Anomalies and what the policy is for being able to earn a medal.

Off-site support participants who performed at least one of the following roles are eligible:
- Providing Intel operator services
- Involved in decoding Anomaly Intel
- Involved with organized Portal recharging

Remote support players must coordinate with their faction POC in advance to determine the specific eligibility criteria for each role. We are leaving it up to the POCs to define their thresholds as every city and faction is different. People that donate gear, “bat-phone”, and other roles are not eligible.

There is no need for Agents performing these roles to register with Niantic in advance to be eligible to receive the medal. For rechargers, Niantic will provide a list of Agent names and the amount of recharging each Agent performed during the Anomaly, by faction, to the faction POCs. Based only on that list, faction POCs will let Niantic know who is eligible for a remote recharger medal. We will be measuring any recharge activity that is performed on a Portal in the Anomaly playbox during the event from the start to the end of the last measurement window only.

Faction POCs will also provide Niantic with a list of eligible Agents providing Intel operator and decoding Anomaly Intel services.

Register and purchase your Supporter Kit for an upcoming event here:
Boston, MA, USA -
Malé, Maldives -
Marseille, France -
San Diego, CA, USA -
Sapporo, Japan -
Warsaw, Poland -



  1. Some of us need clarification on the RR part. How can Niantic measure recharge if the opposite faction controls the portal? ūü§Ē


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