Originally shared by Ingress

In preparation for the launch of Ingress Prime, we will be making temporary changes to the format of Mission Days with events starting on May 26th. The new format will retain the things players love about Mission Days like exploring the city and visiting landmarks. However, instead of using your Scanner’s mission interface to navigate to complete the missions, you’ll be using a map that Mission Day organizers will distribute either via hard copy or electronically.

The map will contain a list of portals that you will be required to hack. We will also be including a new optional element that is best described as a Portal challenge where you are asked to perform a task at a specific Portal. To be eligible for the Mission Day medal, Agents will be required to hack a certain number of portals successfully in a given time frame. Onsite verification with Mission Day organizers may also still be required for certain cities. During this duration official mission banners for Mission Day may not be supported.

This new format will also be in place for the Mission Days that will occur after the Cassandra Prime Anomalies as well. We will review the status of Mission Day and the format for the Q4 Anomalies. In addition to these changes, we are temporarily closing the Mission Day application. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.