Susanna Moyer's story bears some similarities to Klue's.

Originally shared by Ingress

Susanna Moyer's story bears some similarities to Klue's. Like Klue, she served a vital role in the Ingress Investigation as the host of the Ingress Report Youtube show. Susanna, however, was armed with a vastly different skillset. A former NIA operative with a keen detective's sense, her journalism was a force to be reckoned and often became a nuisance for many powerful forces in the world of Ingress.

Her father, NIGEL MOYER, was a cold-war era scientist who had unlocked a number of powerful secrets related to the weaponization of XM. He died protecting those secrets and Susanna went on a warpath to avenge his death.

The circumstances of her death are unclear. Some claim she was betrayed and killed by Jahan's operatives, but the evidence does not support this. What seems more likely is that she confronted Lynton-Wolfe to try and prevent the creation of the Tecthulhu -- and, like Klue, was somehow subsumed by the device.

Both Klue and Susanna Moyer's identities -- their 'minds and souls' -- were present within the Lynton-Wolfe Tecthulhu when it was destroyed during the events of Via Noir.

It's unknown if they survived this devastating incident -- their silence and absence seem to confirm they did not.