Klue appeared on the scene early on.

Originally shared by Ingress

Klue appeared on the scene early on. A conspiracy theorist with a knack for solving puzzles (thus the name...), her videos on nianticproject.com helped P. A. Chapeau lay the foundation of the Ingress Investigation.

She became a divisive figure in the years that followed. She joined and passionately espoused the position of both Factions, and became the first (known) person to merge consciousnesses with an AI -- ADA.

It was her merger with ADA that ultimately led to her demise. Traces of the AI remained within her even after they separated -- making Klue valuable to those who wished to discover ADA's weaknesses.

Jarvis (with the Acolyte's help) probed Klue's mind and found hidden vulnerabilities that the Enlightened used to attack ADA... Klue's consciousness did not survive this process.

What remained of Klue was somehow incorporated into Lynton-Wolfe's Tecthulhu device. Bound within it, she is both dead and immortal -- trapped in the liminal space between this world and others.