Who was Roland Jarvis?

Originally shared by Ingress

Who was Roland Jarvis? In celebration of the Day of the Dead festivities, we take a look back on one of the Niantic Project's most influential sensitives.

A sculptor, a Dreamer, Roland Jarvis began to sense that the Portals and XM were a path to Enlightenment very early on in the Niantic Project. He began to sculpt the physical forms he was sensing in the XM. Lynton-Wolfe rebuilt those forms in XM and learned that they were primitive XM objects like Resonators and XMP Bursters.

On Epiphany Night he escaped the Niantic Facility with Devra Bogdanovich, but was betrayed (by who? ADA?) and killed at Zurich Hauptbahnhof by NIA assassins. Dead by undying, Roland Jarvis then appeared as a vision in the Portal at Cupid’s Span in San Francisco.

Agents of the Enlightened rescued his fragments, giving them form once again during the events of 13MAGNUS, and for a while, Jarvis walked the earth again -- solidifying the organization of the Enlightened and setting a clear agenda for it: preventing the growth and expansion of AI in human development.

After Devra Bogdanovich’s Portal Virus struck and the XM drought swept across the globe, Jarvis grew ill and once again returned to an existence entirely within the Portal Network and the Ultimate -- where he is one with the intelligence he calls ‘Our Friends…’ the Shapers.