Seoul anomaly was very impressive.

Originally shared by Masashi Kawashima

Seoul anomaly was very impressive. Agents came from all over Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Philippines, Russia, Australia...and proved that people can fight together by breaking the wall of languages, cultures, races, genders...
Seoul is a beautiful mix of technology, history, pop cultures... I enjoyed a lot to submit new portals. It's really fun to walk around the city with eyes of "Seer". Once portal submission is reactivated, please discover every piece of great creatives in the world and make it rebirth as portal for future AR world. It's your mission.
Seoul metropolitan government has become a great sponsor of the event. It was so honor to listen to Seoul city mayor's speech at the after party. Thank you so much for the strong support. Also thank you for SBA, Animation center, Inven, Lotte, Vanguards, Volunteers, staffs, and all agents who worked so hard to make the event unforgettable.
I met a L15 female agent in front of the boarding gate at the airport. She said "I made a passport first time in my life to come to Seoul". She said her first oversea trip was really great experience and appreciated to the other agents. I was moved.
Keep moving, exploring, discovering.
The world is great and we can feel it greater together.

Thank you, Seoul! Of course, the true Korean BBQ was incredibly awesome!