Originally shared by Ingress

After Hurricane Harvey impacted the Houston area, we received opinions from many Agents regarding whether or not the Anomaly there should proceed as planned.

We want to thank the Houston cross-faction POCs for their time, support and leadership in helping to create an event format that will benefit both our Agents and the city of Houston. Based on their guidance, the November 4th Anomaly will be altered as follows:

The event will begin with a Cluster Battle. While not weighted equivalently to other full scale Anomaly Sites, the outcome of this Phase will contribute towards the Anomaly series score, and Agents who participate in this Phase will earn the EXO5 Anomaly medal.

Following a short break, a service-oriented and community-focused Operation Clear Field (OCF) event will begin. The OCF Phase will not contribute points to the #EXO5 Anomaly series. Agents who participate in this Phase will earn the Operation Clear Field medal.

A Mission Day will follow on Sunday, as usual.

In addition, all proceeds from the sale of Houston Supporter Kits will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief.

More details will follow in the coming weeks about service and donation opportunities at this event. See you in Houston, Agents!