I participated in the Remote Participation Event at Camp Navarro.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

I participated in the Remote Participation Event at Camp Navarro. It was an experience that changed everyone who took part. A number of strange occurrences, that seemed beyond the realm of pure coincidence, were revealed.

The Portal Luminance Projects, each powered by their own Tecthulhu modules, added further fuel to that fire.

I left Northern California convinced that something profound had happened. And that this was just the beginning.

I was right. Like the Darsana Point, a rubicon has been reached and is in danger of being breached.

Misty Hannah intends to use the XM Anomalies to lure an exogenous intelligence into her mind palace. A Shaper? A N'zeer? Something else? I don't know. I don't even know if these intelligences can even be quantified this way. And I don't understand what she intends to do once this intelligence is contained inside this complex thought system she has constructed. Speak? Harm? Study?

Until now, our interactions with these intelligences have been via the Ordered Data Patterns in XM or other transdimensional methods such as Anomalous Zones.

Now, we are entering new territory, and I fail to understand why Misty is blazing towards this horizon with such wanton disregard.

Something I had long been considering to be part of increased XM activity is the concept of hyper-threading, of time existing along multiple paths.

I know that Misty has Remote Viewed and Remote Participated in many realities. The question is, what did she see there that has caused her to act like this?