Get in your questions!!!

Get in your questions!!!

Originally shared by Andrew Krug

It's still Monday where I live! Ask Me Anything #Ingress related in the comments. Tomorrow morning I'll go through what was submitted and try to answer as many as I can. At a minimum I'll answer three. I'll update the OP with the questions and answers so you don't have to go searching in the comments for them.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Don't ask if we will implement something. I don't make those decisions. Asking for my opinion on features is ok though and if I can confirm something I will.
#3: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#4: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

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