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Akira Tsukasa, the prominent Japanese XM researcher behind groundbreaking projects like the Lawson Power Cube and NL-PRIME, has something new up her sleeve.

This time, Akira has her sights on figuring out what defines the brightest and best Agents and Operatives, and how these achievers perform under pressure.

She has created a series of physical, mental and collaborative challenges to put a group of outstanding Ingress Agents to the test in a truly unique arena.

Agents, can you outperform her expectations?

This event will be held Saturday, June 24th, 2017. Agents will gather in Tokyo, Japan and the event will be broadcast live in English & Japanese via live-streaming from Niconico.

Akira is seeking 50 outstanding Agents (25 per faction) to challenge her expectations. In order to contend:

- You must submit a video audition to prove that you are a truly outstanding Agent – an ideal candidate for this project – and ready to take on a challenge like no other.
- You must a Level 13 or higher Ingress Agent.
- You must be in good health and able to endure rigorous physical challenges.
- You must be above the age of 18 on the Friday, June 23rd, 2017.

If you meet the above criteria, submit an audition video using this form:

Here are some guidelines for your video:

- The video must be 30 seconds or less.
- Clearly state your Agent name, your Faction, and showcase why you are an outstanding Ingress Agent
- You can shoot on a smartphone, a digital camera, or a webcam.
- You should also hashtag your video #AgentOlympiad and upload it to Youtube or Niconico (
- Share it on G+ or Twitter with #AgentOlympiad.
- You must also submit your video audition at the form listed above
- You must read the terms and conditions at: