Great work, Trainers! Collectively, you caught over 589 million Magikarp during the #PokemonGO Water Festival.


If you haven't been paying attention to the news the last few days -- here's what you missed.

Forgive me for my sporadic communication over the last two months.

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Did you know that if you evolve a Shiny Magikarp, the Gyarados it evolves into will also be Shiny?

A source I have no prior contact with sent this image to me - the filename was HUMINT - IMG 6902.


Further clarification: Using drones to falsify your location is against the spirit and rules of the game.

Which Pokémon is known to hitch rides on Mantine?

This is part 5 of a classified White House briefing about the history of XM.

The #FateOfThe13 event has ended.


#FateOfThe13 has come to an end.

Score Update - San Antonio Ruckgress Scavenger

Update - Scavenger San Antonio

Scavenger Patches all ready for San Antonio, Texas this Saturday.

The Enlightened have gained control of their twelfth Archetype: The Catalyst, currently occupied in the Niantic...

In celebration of the #PokemonGO Water Festival, we've added the all-new Magikarp Hat to your wardrobe!

Gotcha!! 😆


Starting today, Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile, and friends will be making a splash in the Pokémon GO Water Festival!

A big day for the Enlightened.

#FateOfThe13: The Enlightened have captured three more Shards. They now control the fate of ADA.

This man is a major figure when it comes to the topic of our shared future with the evolving (and to be fair, not...

SCOOP Trail 2017

Agents, we have confirmed that a reversal of #FateOfThe13 Target Alignments is imminent.

#FateOfThe13: The Resistance have taken control of a Devra Bogdanovich Shard.

Agents, only 7 days remain for your proposals to the Magnus Reawakens Portal Luminance Project taking place in the...

#FateOfThe13: The ENL have captured an OLW Shard. They’ve tied the RES 1-1 in controlling his fate.

Google Classroom: Now open to even more learners

Fresh intel about NL-PRIME, Akira Tsukasa's recruiting vehicle which utilizes high-intensity XM exposure in order to...

Finally found one!! 😘


Happy Holi!!!

Things are heating up down at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, where a number of interesting individuals, including...

Little is known of Exotic Matter (XM).

A brief update on the surfacing of Niantic Investigator Flint Dille and comic artist Livio Ramondelli (one of...

The answer to yesterday's "Who's That Pokémon?" is… Forretress! Did you guess the correct Pokémon?

Agents, we have confirmed that a new phase of aligned targets will be manifesting very soon.

#FateOfThe13: The ENL now control the fates of eight researchers. Phase three brings the last five.

Who's that Pokémon?

As more information emerges about MAGNUS: REAWAKENS, this old piece of evidence from the Investigation has...

Attending SXSW this year?


Happy Women's Day!!

GORUCK x Ingress Scavenger - Mission Day - San Antonio!

Agents, want a reason to travel to Zagreb, Croatia - a city with a rich history?

John Hanke's Keynote at MWC 2017. New announcements, trainers, and Ingress agents in the presentation. Check it out!

Pokémon GO won awards within last several weeks.

A number of interesting individuals are surfacing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on March 11 — including Flint...

#FateOfThe13: The ENL now control Victor Kureze’s fate and have captured two Ezekiel Calvin Shards.

Take three!

New post for the #Sojourner #730Club

It's been a busy few days for our Enlightened friends.

Agents, we have confirmed that a reversal of target alignments is imminent.


#FateOfThe13: The ENL now control the fates of researchers Enoch Dalby and Carrie Campbell.

Did you know that Raichu will have a party hat if evolved from a festive Pikachu?


Capture ideas in Google Keep, bring them to life in Google Docs

Your wardrobe has expanded! Customize your look with a whole new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items.

The mobile research lab created by Akira Tsukasa and being operated by Willer Travel named NL-PRIME has expanded...