Devra and I had barely made contact when the firestorm began.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Devra and I had barely made contact when the firestorm began. We split up immediately, I sent her to safe ground while I tried to create a buffer.

You don’t expect to learn archeology in a gun-battle, but I’ll say this, the ancients had better tunnel systems that we thought.

Turns out that there was an underground network under the site that I hadn’t expected. I’m not sure if it was a sewer system, a mine or a catacomb -- it almost seemed like the inhabitants had gone underground for a time.

Maybe it was to avoid invaders, or a regression to cave like living for some sect, maybe it was for the winters or some other kind of storage area, but the complex below the city was more interesting than the ruins above.

Nobody has ever used ground-scanning radar down here, and I'm certain only small sections of this system are known.

Navigating the underground labyrinth I found that it was relatively easy to outflank and defeat my opponents by using meerkat tactics. It's still unclear to me who the party or parties were. I do know this, they were well equipped, well organized and given that they had helicopters and assault ATV’s, I suspect they were well-funded. Definitely PMC-types. They departed as soon as things got too hot, which tells me that they were not ideologically committed.

And there’s one other thing. I drew a bead on a shooter and realized it wasn’t one of them... It was Farlowe. He had been shadowing Devra, likely to protect her. I have to find them.