Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb


Wrote, deleted and rewrote what I wanted this post to be about a dozen times today.

It's four years since I put the first pin in that Investigator Board.

At some level, that means a lot. It means places we've been together, discoveries we've shared, mysteries we've solved. Lives we've changed.

At some level, it means a little. The journey continues, its velocity and essential energy unchanged, empowered by folks like you.

We are on a shared train into the deepest fractal in our universe. Each mystery unfolds to reveal truth and more mystery. Each mountain we climb reveals another distant peak. A challenge for the future.

In the end, what I really wanted to say today was two things:

1. Thank you. To each Investigator who has joined us, whether for a moment or for the long haul. This is your Investigation. I'm just the guy who runs the website.

2. I'll see you again tomorrow. We may be four years in, but the horizon's still somewhere out there, and there's work to be done.

Much love and respect.