Hats off to HDFC Bank for managing this well.

Hats off to HDFC Bank for managing this well. No long lines in the sun; it took less than 15 minutes to deposit the amount and walk out. Wish more banks were like this.

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Originally shared by Ranganayaki Srinivas

Thank you HDFC for being so nice under stress. I went to HDFC bank, Hitech City Branch, to deposit RS. 16,500 worth of 500 rupee notes that I had withdrawn from ATM on 7th. The bank manager was standing outside, interacting with the people standing in the queue, helping them if necessary, being cheerful and happy in spite of having to work on a Sunday and manage bigger crowds than usual. Hats off to all bank employees and honest citizens who are sacrificing for their country. During independence people donated their riches for the struggle. Now we do not have to give up our riches but just accept to live on meager means for a few days and put up with some inconvenience for a larger cause that is beneficial to our country.