#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M1 Snapshot Report

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#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M1 Snapshot Report

The battle has begun, and it’s shaping up to be a fiercely contested one. The Enlightened were fast off the mark in Wroclaw, where they have been leveraging the Flash Shards to their advantage -- however, a strong Resistance presence among the Cluster Portals has pulled the Resistance into the lead by a narrow and contestable margin.

Birmingham currently stands at stalemate. Both Factions are seeking ground ... the Resistance lead the Shards, the Enlightened lead the Cluster Portals and the score is currently tied.

Turku is the most decisive of the three at Measurement 1. The Resistance lead across both Shards and Cluster Portals and are etching the beginnings of an advantage.

The Resistance lead in Wroclaw @M1: 405 to 325
Birmingham is tied @M1: 115 to 115
The Resistance lead in Turku @M1: 160 to 60

Find detailed scores and up to date at http://investigate.ingress.com/via-lux-scoreboard/
View detailed Shard Tracking information at: http://thrakazog.com/via_lux/

(This data represents a snapshot of the Anomaly state taken at Measurement time. The Anomaly state may have evolved since this point in time.)