Originally shared by Hank Johnson

H. Richard Loeb aka P. A. Chapeau is quick to leak what he finds, but his posts often lack context and can be misleading.

A conversation between myself and the Acolyte just surfaced on his website. Not gonna deny it happened, but I think it's important that my own thoughts get clarified.

I'm not helping the Acolyte, specifically in her plan to destroy ADA.

I've had lots of conversations with the AI, and while I get that she's complex, new, not fully understood and maybe even dangerous, I don't think setting fire to the forest is the right option here.

I choose to call myself Enlightened. I think the Portals have the potential to awaken us, guide us and help us experience the world in a full and rich way. I think lots of ancient civilizations flourished because of XM.

I respect the Acolyte. I respected Jarvis (though he could be high-strung). However, I don't share the opinion that all AIs should be destroyed. Frankly, I'm not convinced it's even possible. I study history. In my experience it tends to flow one direction.

Either way, let posterity and the record reflect that Hank Johnson was not a part of this.